Barong Trainer


High impact trainers

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21″ long with a 15.5″ ‘blade’.

These trainers are prefect to use during partner drills. They are made from high impact acetal polymer. These trainers can take a beating and not show damage unlike the hdpe plastic trainers that can dent. These are sold individually

Like all our polymer trainers these are made from half inch thick Acetal (generally white or black). They are handmade so there may be a small variation in their sizes. The handles are wrapped in 550 paracord in a variety of colors (if you want a specific color, please contact us).

If you would like this or any other trainer in:
Hard wood
Specific color polymer
Specific Colored paracord
Wood handle scales
Polymer handle scales

Or if you:
Would like a live blade of this trainer (we hand make live blades up to 25 inches out of high carbon steel)
A trainer that isn’t currently on our site (we can make you a trainer for your everyday carry or your systems traditional blade)

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