Gentlemens cane sword


Gentlemens cane sword

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Brass handled gentlemen’s cane with a hidden blade in the shaft! The blade measures in at 19.25 inches from handle to tip; the blades edge measure 14.25 inches, and is of a double edged blade style. Unlike the cane swords you get from the back of magazines this sword is handmade from 3/8ths inch thick 80crv2 blade steel, and can actually be used without fear of breaking it. The shaft of the cane is made from extra thick yellow bamboo and is lacquered black, the swords handle is wrapped with “gutted” paracord for a firm grip. Unlike other sword canes that you have to unscrew (which takes way to long) or press a hidden button (which requires fine motor skills, and that isn’t a great thing when you are in a self defense situation) this cane uses friction and duel high strength magnets to keep the cane together. This allows for you to just give a firm pull to unsheathed it. To re-sheath just line up the magnets and slide it into place.

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