Hook Knife


80crv2 steel hook bladed knife.

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This knife is a beast; with brass on the guard and the pommel! It feels heavy when you first pick it up, however once you grip the handle all the weight rests right in your hand. The blade is made from 80crv2 and is 1/8th inch thick the overall length of the knife is 10.5 inches with a 5and 1/8th inch blade. The sheath can be worn either right or left handed.The handle scales are made from Hawaiian koa wood with humanely acquired coral straight from Maui.

*All one off items are just that one off, they can’t be reproduced as there are no exact specifications kept for them. I can make items similar to but they won’t be exactly the same. And if you see something on the one offs page you like buy it now as once they’re gone they’re gone!*


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