Thank you for visiting the Armoury! Most of what I do is custom work; so if your looking for something special, and you don’t see it listed don’t despair! Shoot me an email with what you are looking for! I have done custom Naginata, Tonfa, Eyku, Yari, Jo, Chinese broad swords, Knives,  and much more.

Most of what you will find on this site are items I do on a regular basis. Mainly training knives and swords. I have embarked on a new journey as of late, I am working towards earning my journeyman smith rating from the A.B.S.. As I progress on this journey I will be posting more forged blades. These blades will be Cleary marked as forged. Any other blades posted are stock removal style of making.

I really enjoy making martial arts  weapons (both training and Live).

If you see something that you would like but in a different wood or layout  feel free to contact me.

Excuse this site as I am a martial artist / weapons smith not a web designer!