About Us

The Artist

John Atkinson

I come from a long line of artisans; my great grandfather the custom pool table maker, My grandmother  (moms side) the oil painter, my other grandmother (dads side) made some of the best hand made clothes around, My Father who makes incredible cutting boards and other helpful household items, And of course my mother maker of fine jewelry. I have taken after these great influences; and paint, draw, sculpt, and make the occasional cutting board.
I started training in the martial arts in 1983, this was the start of a life long obsession. I have studied numerous styles and achieved the ranks of 7th degree black belt (Shihan) in D.O.C.S. martial arts systems, 4th degree black belt (Renshi) in Body Harmony systems, 4th degree black belt in Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jiu-jitsu, 1st degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate jitsu. I have also had the honor to train with many great Martial artist from varying styles.
I have combined my two passions, and now I make martial arts weapons for serious martial artists. These weapons are not the break after one use things you get from the “normal” supply shops. These weapons are designed to be used not only in training, but also in the defense of yourself and your loved ones. Every piece is hand crafted by myself from select Hard woods and Metals, nothing is prefabbed or out sourced.

What Started This Insanity

Breaky Breaky Breaky

As I stated above I’ve been in the martial arts for awhile now. As such I have used many weapons from the “normal” suppliers. These are ok for solo training (I guess) but the second you make contact they have a bad habit of breaking! About 2013 I was demonstrating a sword blocking technique with my son as my partner. The wooden swords (bokken) we were using were supposed to be heavy duty! My son came down with a overhead swing, and I did a high block. With a single blocking motion both swords turned into grenades and sent shrapnel all over us and those watching! I had already made myself a ekyu (Japanese oar), and a few other weapons for my personal use by this time, after this I decided to start making weapons for friends and family that wouldn’t break under normal use.

I made my first canes back in 2015. The first few were for my long time friend and cane instructor, and my D.O.C.S. instructor along with one for myself. After this my cane instructor told me I should make more and put my own flair on them! I knew that not everyone would want a cane so I also started making traditional martial arts weapons (with a bit of my own flair of course).